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The commission initiated proceedings against the company Ananas E-Commerce due to an undeclared concentration

kzkThe Commission for the Protection of Competition ex officio initiated proceedings against the company ANANAS E-COMMERCE doo Beograd, for the purpose of investigating the concentration that was carried out even though it was not approved in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Competition, and which, according to the well-founded assumption, resulted from the acquisition of control by company ANANAS E-COMMERCE over the company VEBSPOT DOOEL Skopje.

In the examination procedure, the Commission will evaluate the criteria prescribed by the Law (Art. 19 of the Law on Protection of Competition) which determines the permissibility of the concentration, and in particular, the circumstance that it is an implemented and unreported concentration, which was the obligation of market participants. The law stipulates that concentrations of market participants are allowed, unless they would significantly limit, impair or prevent competition on the market of the Republic of Serbia, and especially if that limitation, impairment or prevention would be the result of creating or strengthening a dominant position.

The Commission will determine the important facts, evidence and other elements on which it will base its decision regarding the possible determination of a measure to protect competition, that is, a measure of deconcentration.

With the conclusion that initiated the procedure, all persons who have data, documents or other relevant information that can contribute to the establishment of the correct factual situation in this procedure are invited to submit them without delay to the Commission for the Protection of Competition at the address 25/IV Savska Street, Belgrade.

A workshop was held on the preparation of a business compliance program with competition protection regulations in Niš.

kzkCPC Commission for the protection of competition in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia (PKS) held the third presentation of the Guidelines for the development of a program of business compliance with regulations on the protection of competition in Niš.

In order to help market participants in the process of adopting a compliance program, the Commission, through these workshops and guidelines, briefly describes and explains certain “steps” in adopting such programs as well as competition protection rules.

The next workshop will be held on November 15 at the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the South Bačka administrative district in Novi Sad.