kzkThe intensification of cooperation between the Commission for Protection of Competition of the Republic of Serbia and the Korean Fair Trade Commission – KFTC, created space for the additional exchange of knowledge implemented under the study trip component. In that way, representatives of the CPC Administrative and Professional Service, Nina Vasić and Marija Petrović, as designated CPC officials, have participated in a two-week KFTC internship program held in South Korea, in June this year.

The objective of the internship program was learning about the functioning and mandate of this state institution of the Republic of Korea, perceived as one of the most efficient in the world, in addition to sharing experiences with representatives of other countries who were also KFTC guests, in order to improve the implementation of competition law and policy and its advocacy.

This year’s selection of the key internship topics made by Korean colleagues related to the competition law analysis with a particular focus placed on tools for the detection of restrictive practices, which also served as a good opportunity for the Commission to present its enforcement record and to make South Korean colleagues familiar with the operating methods in the competition policy domain in the Republic of Serbia.
During the internship, representatives of the CPC Administrative and Professional Service also had an opportunity to meet with KFTC Chairman, Sang-Jo Kim.