kzkThe Commission for Protection of Competition is accountable for its work to the National Assembly, to which it submits annual activity reports. At the session held on March 27, 2019, the competent Parliamentary Committee discussed and adopted the 2018 Activity Report of the Commission for Protection of Competition.

At the 24th Special Sitting of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, MPs have discussed the CPC Activity Report for 2018.

In its opening statement given before the National Assembly, President of the Commission Dr Miloje Obradović presented the main elements of the Activity Report, as well as the key activities of the Commission implemented during the reporting period.
The Commission’s report, according to President Obradović, contains all key elements concerning the operations implemented within the scope of competences of the institution. During the reporting period, the Commission has increased its administrative and institutional capacities and remained focused on efficient and effective enforcement and implementation of the law, towards ensuring the most efficient protection of competition in Serbia.

“Our goal is to create a competitive market where undertakings will increase their productivity, innovations and investments, resulting in the growth, development and increased standard of living of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia. The established high level of transparency and predictability in the operations of the Commission will remain key instruments in preserving the trust in the Commission’s work in the period to come and ensuring the legal certainty of undertakings”, said CPC President Obradović when speaking to the national MPs.

Snežana Petrović, President of the Committee on the Economy, Regional Development, Trade, Tourism and Energy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, underlined “the fact that the activities implemented by the Commission and its overall competition policy operations represent one of the key pillars of the reform of the national economy, resulting from the commitment of our country to introduce a market-oriented economy and modern economic policy following a turbulent period in the previous decades. Based on experience to date, we can testify to the good example set by the Commission for Protection of Competition of the Republic of Serbia in its work as an independent institution that practices and favors transparency of its operations, which also implies that the Commission is a subject to an assessment and control of citizens and the general public.”
The Activity Report, as well as operations of the Commission for Protection of Competition are commended by the majority of MPs in attendance, congratulating on the achieved results and supporting the continuing work of the Commission.

In addition to President Dr Obradović, CPC Council members also attended the plenary session during which the 2018 Activity Report of the Commission was discussed – Čedomir Radojčić, Mirjana Mišković-Vukašinović and Dr Veljko Milutinović, as well as the heads of the Administrative and Professional Service of the Commission for Protection of Competition.